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“Let them eat cake” – a dessert wedding menu

I am constantly on the look out for stylish weddings that are simply Smart: menu, service and event equipment are streamlined for best price. Spend when it counts for quality and for impact. In August, I met and collaborated with a

  Smart Mom. With a background in event coordinating, Sharon had a vision of the type and style of wedding she wanted. As well, she knew her bottom line. 

With a little brainstorming, our stylish food stations evolved into a Fruit and Cheese Station and a Dessert Station, a lovely dessert presentation of tiered stands, crystal tall vases and bowls, silver, iron, gold crush and navy shears. The center piece, a 120 lb rusted iron urn titled ‘Mama” adorned the center of a grand governor’s style table. We included a candy station (Smart savings--to locate a candy store that will deliver, setup and pick-up providing all the candy jars).

Together we created a wedding reception that gracefully transitioned from ceremony to desserts, fruit and cheeses, candy station, coffee cart and of course, wedding cake.  The Ballroom at The Grand glowed: ( The Navy guest tables surrounded by white chairs were embraced by winter table scapes designed by Love and Garlic. On the Fruit and Cheese and Candy tables sat tall swirl urns of bronze and gold filled with large cuttings from Bud, my apricot tree (see blog: Tiered dessert stands and crystal vases were filled with assorted varieties of desserts, cream puffs, fruit tarts, mini cupcakes, apple almond tarts and more. (Smart savings--Sharon provided the desserts; we designed them).

“Let them eat cake” – a dessert wedding menu. Please take a moment to view the lovely photos from our recent wedding:
If you are curious how you too can create a ‘Smart’ Wedding, contact me to hear the 10 key points to ‘Smart savings’ quality Weddings from Love and Garlic, 2011.