Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Family Style I  

Let's revisit our 'Smart Events' ...
"I am constantly looking to create EVENTS that are simply SMART:  Menu, Service &  Equipment are streamlined for best price. A Smart Event = Smart Savings: Family Style Service, "break bread not the bank!" Family Style is one of old traditions and smart ways to serve the big Valley’s abundant, sustainable, artisan foods. Simple, fresh, mouth watering, a real Love and Garlic experience." 

Rehearsal Dinner at Camp Oakhurst
Take a look at our Love & Garlic little photo album of family style foods. We serve large bowls of piping hot foods to your table. Serve yourself a little or a lot. Enjoy. Ask for more, it's alright. 
What's new? Our classic family style menu has a new twist. First, we serve meatballs in basil red sauce, a basket of slider rolls and a loaded garden salad. Next, pasta...fast, hot and lots of it. Finally, chicken or beef . Freshly grilled and sautéed vegetables added to each enhances the bounty and variety of this hearty meal. 
 Meatball Sliders & Fresh Garden Salad 

Penne Pasta Pesto Cream with Zucchini & Bruschetta Tomato garnish
 Sirloin with Sautéed Mushrooms 

Come & Get-it!

You can have this too for any occasion...Family Style I
Prices range $22.50 to $30.00 per person